What is a bear?
A bear is typically a gay male, who is often hairy and has a larger body type.

What if I donít fit the generalized description of a bear?
The goal of the group is to foster a safe environment where anyone can feel accepted and respected.

Is this a hook-up/sex group?
No, the group is designed to be a social group where you can come and meet people and have fun in a safe environment. Although we donít discourage romantic encounters, letís keep our public events comfortable for everyone.

Who can join?
We pride ourselves on our diversity. The club is open to all members, regardless of age, size, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

How much does it cost to join?
The yearly membership fee is $20 which helps to pay the fixed costs of running the group such as our website and post office box. Paid members also receive discounted admission to many events as well as free access to some member exclusive events.

What kinds of events do you host?
We host weekly events such as bear coffee, monthly events such as dinners and brunches, annual events such as waterpark day, Bear-BQ and Mr Ottawa Bear, as well as many random events in between.

Iím not sure I want to become a paid member just yet. Can I still participate?
Yes, everyone is welcome to our public events, however we certainly encourage you to financially support your community so we can continue to grow and bring you fun events.