Mr. Ottawa Bear (MOB)

Congrats to Mr Ottawa Bear 2017, Adam Frey!

Mr. Ottawa Bear is the ambassador of the Ours Ottawa Bears to the LGBTQ community in the National Capital Region, and the Bear community nationally and internationally. He is the person greeting members and newbies at our events.

The main responsibilities of Mr. Ottawa Bear are to:

  • participate and represent the Ours Ottawa Bears at Capital Pride events, and
  • attend the following MOB as the out-going Mr. Ottawa Bear.
It is encouraged that Mr. Ottawa Bear participate and help with events put on by Ours Ottawa Bears, which include regular brunches and coffees, and other events put on from time to time, however, these are not compulsory.

The first MOB was held in January, 2005, at Swizzles Bar & Pub with about 60 people in attendance. Among five contestants, Bruce Richardson was chosen as the first Mr. Ottawa Bear. Subsequent winners were:

2006 Ethan Jones
2008 Shawn Carroll
2009 Gary Leger
2010 Jimmy Laframboise
2014 Steven Duguay
2015 Wade Crombie
2016 Tim Cloutier
2017 Adam Frey