Mr Ottawa Bear 2018

Congratulations to the newly crowned Mr Ottawa Bear 2018: Chris Nerpin!!

Hats off to his two co-competitors, Pedro Diaz and Shawn Green who were brave enough to put it all out there for us.

A heartfelt thank you to our three judges, David Gazzola, Tim Cloutier and Tony Gibbs and to Jason White for a job well done as our MC as well as to Jay Blackshire as judges boy and tally master.

And finally thank you to all the volunteers without whom we couldn’t have made this event the amazing success it was.

See some photos on our Flikr account here.

If you took some photos during the event that you’d like to share, please contact us.


This year’s competition will feature three amazing bears for your entertainment.

Pedro Diaz

Pedro is a handsome Latin bear from Caracas, Venezuela who works in building engineering and has been recognized numerous times for his volunteer work and for his contributions to the local community.

Now a Canadian citizen, he has found acceptance in the Ottawa Bear community and wants to give back to the bears that accepted and welcomed him.

Chris Nerpin

Chris, a relative newcomer to the Ottawa area, owns and operates an accounting firm, co-manages a local bar and dabbles in stand-up comedy.

Having struggled with body-image issues for a long time, he has begun his journey toward self-acceptance in the hopes of inspiring his 10-year old son who he credits as his inspiration.

In short, Chris is done hibernating!

Shawn Green

Shawn is 51 years old, has lived in Ottawa for most of his life and has been out as a gay man since he finished university. He has been a member of the leather community in the past but it’s with the bears that he has really felt at home and he hopes that competing in this year’s Mr Ottawa Bear competition will be a growth opportunity for him.

Past Mr Ottawa Bear

Mr Ottawa Bear 2017 was Adam and you can follow him on the following social media sites: